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Client Notice:

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Management Services:

Defined below are the services which a Managing Agent performs on behalf of the Lessor:
  1. Collection of all rentals payable by tenants into the Trust Account by the 7th of every month and then disbursement into the Lessor’s account(s).
  2. Payments of all accounts, outgoings and expenses as required such as rates, insurance,
    repairs, service contracts etc out of incoming rentals.
  3. Carrying out third/quarter yearly property inspections and producing inspection reports on
    the immovable and movable property (for chattels) with recommendations to the Lessor
    and Lessee regarding repairs, dilapidations, alterations and maintenance.
  4. Carry out day to day management of the property and deal with all problems as they arise.
  5. Recruiting, supervising, paying and controlling all employees employed by the clients in
    connection with the leased property.
  6. Negotiating and maintaining agreements with organizations employed to maintain, repair,
    insure and secure the leased property.
  7. Maintaining a property register & records of all rent reviews, lease expiry dates and some
    such inherent information.
  8. Undertaking rent reviews when appropriate and permitted.
  9. Taking on instructions from clients in matters pertaining to the property as may be
    necessary in the course of the general management of the property.
  10. Selection of new tenants in consultation with the Lessor.
  11. Preparation and sending of all Statements of Accounts to the Lessor.

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