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Hello! Welcome to HSP.

House of Stone Properties is a young and dynamic Real Estate agency, which boasts of some of the best minds on the local Real Estate and Property market. It possesses individuals with vast experience in excess of 35 years in Consultancy, Property negotiation, encompassing identification of parties, negotiation and conclusion of sales, lease administration and property management as well as valuations.


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Who We Are

House of Stone Properties

Our Mission

  • To provide convenience for tenants, prospective landlords, property owners and investors by bringing them together to a place of satisfaction and comfort. At House of Stone Properties we promote the self-worth and dignity of all our clients, thus, we create a conducive environment that is enjoyable and profitable to all.

House Of Stone Properties

Our Vision

  • We aim to be Zimbabwe’s Exceptional market leader in the Real Estate Industry through connecting all citizens to their properties.

House Of Stone Properties

Core Values

  • The Agency seeks to build a business organisation grounded in adherence to the principles of quality, honesty, transparency, integrity, and legality, hence the legal flair in the leadership of the institution.

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Meet the Experts

Managing Director

Leonita Mhishi

Leonita is a founding member of House of Stone Properties, a leading full service real estate firm in Zimbabwe. She has worked for various organisations holding key positions in Zimbabwe, Australia, China and a plethora of other countries.

Principal Registered Estate Agent Manager

Mhlanguli Mpofu

Mhlanguli has over 20 year's experience in real estate advisory services, asset valuation, property management and sales brokerage. He has developed holistic competencies in real estate practise with an emphasis on property valuations.

Sales and Projects Manager

Joshua Mungure

Joshua Mungure is a hands on Realtor with vast experience covering property Valuation for all purposes, Project Management, Property Development , Property Management and Property Sales. He has worked for a number of different companies.

Senior Realtor/ Customer Relations Manager

Liane Lombard

Liane is a conscientious Realtor with years of experience in Administration and Real Estate. She exudes credibility, commitment, determination and an infectious laugh. Liane's passion for real estate is apparent through her excellent communication skills and a .....

Finance and HR Manager

Tonderai Kadyautumbe

Tonderai has over 20 years in Finance and Management especially in Property Accounting, Strategic Finance and Human Resources. He possesses vast experience in Commercial Properties, Lease Negotiations and Asset Management.


Nyasha Chimangah

Nyasha is an International Law graduate from Zhejiang Gongshang University in China, whose philosophy says that our lives have to be shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us and position us at the place we are meant to be.

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House of Stone Properties

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